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I am not sure why I was so worried about Madame Tsunade's party.  It was not a disaster in the least.  

Disaster (noun): .1. A situation in which one or more noblemen and women, some of whom you may or may not work for get so drunk that they decide to start gambling in front of children or that it might amuse the guests to let the more exotic animals into the parlor .  

2. One's mistress gambling away the servant's wages for the month 

3. Anyone dying.  

I spoke to Sakura for a while, and the Hyuugas and some of thier guests were in attendance.  I believe the Uchiha family were largly more concerned with some situations at home.   

It was a quiet party really, but sometimes that is for the best.  

Since then things have been quiet, for which I am greatful.  I wrote my mother and told her I had returned to Paris.   I think everyone I ever knew has been alerted by now.   

I have been giving the poetry section of the library another go, but I am getting the worst case of cabin fever.   For much of summer it was simply to hot to go out walking in fashionable clothing, but now that it's cooled down perhaps you will all see more of me about town. 

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Ah, back home to Paris, to the crowded streets, the high fashion, the elite salons and more gossip than you can shake a stick at. 

Why did I want to come back so badly? 

Of course I am joking.  Though the high fashion does not intrest me, and the gossip only does insofar as keeping myself and mine out of it, Not that that's possible. I DO love this city.  

I will have to go book shopping as soon as we are settled.   To my knowlage we are going to have quite a gathering here soon, and I should probably be conversant on litterature since I do NOT plan to spend the evening discussing dresses. 

I wonder if there is anything exciting on medicine I have yet to read. 

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 What a terrible evening.  I will not repeat the story I told the Leblanc's stable hands to obtain entrance to the stables long enough to retrieve a misplaced necklace, but I will admit it involved a witch and a curse and a couple of ducks. Luckily they were superstitious men.  

We're returning to Paris, near the end of the week I am led to believe.   I am also led to believe there is going to be a huge party to celebrate the occasion and that Madam is going to attempt to find me a "proper" suitor.   I am pleased by the first, cautiously looking forward to the second and decidedly worried about the third.  

Perhaps I really will run off with a one eyed pirate, depending on the suitors Madam finds.  

Anyway, it will be nice to be able to socialize again.  Hopefully Madam will wait until after this particular party to start her work. 

Perhaps I can convince her to focus on Kurenai.  What do you say, Kurenai?

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